Bird on a Branch has been added to The Case House. Bird on a Branch is a colorful and luxurious design from our Faded Splendor collection. In the foreground is a pretty little bird perched on a branch that is adorned with multicolored florals and leaves. The background is a faded grunge, shabby chic style textured rainbow with a round sun against the gradiated colors, and a softly faded splash of Art Nouveau style florals in a ghostly silhouette. Available in six palettes: Artistic Aqua, Fashionable Fuchsia, French Blue, Green Chic, Rainbow Sunset and Sweet Summer. You will find this design on the following device covers: Casemate iPad, Casemate iPod Touch, Casemate iPhone 4 ID, Speck iPhone 4, Speck iPod Touch, Casemate iPhone 4 Barely There, Casemate iPhone 3 Tough, Casemate Samsung Galaxy, Casemate Blackberry Bold, Speck iPhone 3, Casemate iPhone 3 Barely There and Casemate iPhone 4 Tough.

You can find the entire collection HERE.