Adalia’s Bling on Electronics Cases has been added to our Zazzle store, The Case House. Flowers, vintage lace, pearls, twinkling fairy lights and sparkling glitter. Who could ask for anything more? This design comes in nine luscious palettes: Kelly Green, Spring Green & Aqua; Peach, Pink & Lilac; Periwinkle & Lilac; Plum & Lilac; Purple & Pink; Rose & Peach; Sky Blue & Lavender; Spring Green & Chartreuse; Turquoise & Sea Green. You will find this design on the following device covers: Casemate iPad, Casemate iPod Touch, Casemate iPhone 4 ID, Speck iPhone 4, Speck iPod Touch, Casemate iPhone 4 Barely There, Casemate iPhone 3 Tough, Casemate Samsung Galaxy, Casemate Blackberry Bold, Speck iPhone 3, Casemate iPhone 3 Barely There and Casemate iPhone 4 Tough.
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