A Little Nostalgia

Feeling nostalgic now. My wedding was the last time I saw my Dad in person before he died.

Here he is in 1950 with my older sister, Pat, who of course, was Patty at the time. The man knew how to rock a stylin’ look, whether wearing a shirt with a hipster print or striking a pose on some rocks by the ocean.



And in 1955. Don’t know where this was taken.



Sneak Preview – AMANDA JANE

Here is a sneak preview of my first pattern to be published through my sister’s company, Villa Rosa Designs – for a new line of her fabulous pattern cards! Should be going to press at the end of the week and will be available on soon. I’ll be doing accessories patterns to add to her Rose Cards quilt patterns. My first set of patterns will be the Jane series, and the first pattern is Amanda Jane – a seven-pocket work apron. I am thrilled with the finished product, both the pattern and the apron! The apron has several layers of fabric to it; front, back and the large front pockets, plus two additional pockets in the front. The long, long waistband and tie is a 4″ piece folded in the half, then folded again, for 4 layers of fabric. It is extremely easy to make and yet the finished product has a really solid, quality feel to it with all those layers of fabric. As with all my patterns, there will be a link to additional Pics, Tricks and Tutorial. The apron fits all sizes from 6 to 3X. In this pic, the apron on the left is on a size 6 dress form and the apron on the right is on a size 3X human.

AmandaJane10SPCan’t wait for you all to see the finished cards!


The Elements



Eric washed our cars this weekend and detailed them with Detail Doctor. They look really great! Mine looks brand new. The detailing on the black plastic works especially well. It can start looking dull and gray after a while. Now it looks like the original deep black.






The detailing isn’t as dramatic on the dark gray part of Eric’s Element as it is on the black part of mine, but it still looks great. And somehow my pic of Eric’s car got blurry.



Thank you Eric!


My Sweet Baby Boo

Finally found Boo’s favorite sparkly toy while unpacking. He was resting on the bed and I brought it in to him and put it down next to him. Then I went back into the kitchen to start making dinner. Just a couple of minutes later I hear this sweet little “mew.” He had brought it to me and placed it at my feet so I could play with him. Tossing and chasing toys is extra fun on the new large, laminate floor surface in the living, dining and kitchen area! I don’t know what I would do without the cats to make me smile when I am stressed.

Still unpacking …

We are still unpacking and have a long, long way to go. And we are still recovering from two months of unrelenting stress prior to the move. I’m not sure we will ever fully recover. Our sense of security about our living situation is almost non-existent, even after getting out of our previous residence. We probably won’t get it back until someday when we have our own place again. Until then, we will deal with it the best we can. We now know that even when you have a lease, anything can happen and you can find yourself being pushed around and your privacy invaded, whether you like it or not.

I should have had more unpacking and settling in done by now, but I am woefully behind on my work as well. Work is kind of more important right now, at least taking care of a few things that really, really need to be accomplished before the end of the month. I do a little unpacking now and then when I take a break.

Today’s Designer Favorite, Suisse – Sixties Office



My favorite sale of the day is the Suisse design in retro Mad Men sixties office colors. This one is being created on a placemat.

You can see the entire collection of Suisse products at our Zazzle store Art_Deco.

And the collection of Suisse products in this color palette, Sixties Office.